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Advanced Robotics
Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics

Andreas Valentini - Co-founder Advanced Robotics

Over one year of great experience with Remote Marketing. Mobile app development, online marketing and social media for Advanced Robotics. Great team, always on time and results-oriented. Good job guys!!! Thank you!

Software Architect

8 Full-stack developers

Web Designer

Project Manager

Marketing Specialist

Key Account Manager

SEO Specialist

Google Ads Specialist

Social Media Manager

Content Manager

Changing the consumer behavior is a lofty goal, especially when it involves the hospitality industry. This goal was presented to us in August 2021, and we accepted the challenge. While we knew it wouldn't be easy, we could certainly achieve the goal if we had the right resources.

Briefly, this was about a smart digital receptionist with the aim of providing easy access to the room and to additional services, ehile avoiding congestion in the reception desk. Plus, it was meant to lower both the hotel's cost and the customer's final price, and of course, to avoid the problem of staff shortage.

The technical side was a real challenge. In less than a year, with 8 full-stack programmers, we developed an integrated system based on a complex architecture that consisted of a physical device management software, a mobile application and the permanent connection between the two. The device with all the necessary hardware components, as well as a software base, was provided to us by the Advanced Robotics team, but this was to be just the beginning of a long series of software integrations and developments.

The marketing strategy was going to be highly complex, built on a clear action plan consisting of LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Google Ads, SEO, YouTube Ads, Influencers, Events, Newsletter and proactive prospecting on a complete database of the hospitality industry.

As a result of all the marketing actions, inquiries and sales came in immediately and devices were successfully being installed.

Two months later, the project was stopped without any explanation, and we learned another important lesson.

Our goals were to deliver results and to help out our client so that they could support their own clients (the hotels). We have successfully met these goals, as we were by their side when needed, with advice and even resources at no extra cost. 

Yet we wanted more. We wanted to see the smile on the face of every satisfied tourist in partnered hotels in the world, as a result of interacting with the device. Maybe this will happen in the future.

The lesson

Two months later the project stopped without explanation and we learned another very important lesson.

Our goal and duty was to deliver as promised, to help our client so that he could help his client (the hotel) in turn. We have successfully met this goal, we have stood by them when asked, with advice and even resources at no extra cost. 

But we wanted more. We wanted to see the smile on the face of every satisfied tourist in every hotel in the world as a result of interacting with the device. Maybe it will happen in the future.

Special thanks

It is not enough for just one part of the team to believe in a great goal, but all parties involved must believe in this same goal. 

We are grateful for the lesson learned, and we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to an innovative product. We hope to see these solutions implemented correctly as soon as possible.

Andreas Valentini - Co-Founder Advanced Robotics - thank you for all your trust and fair play. Congratulations for your involvement in this project.

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