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Zero complaints in 9 years of activity. We appreciate our customers and treat them with respect.

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You can choose from a full range of services with a quality/price ratio of 10.

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From start-ups to the largest corporations in the world.

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We have over 14 years of experience in marketing and software.

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Remote Rent-a-Car

Innovation and Efficiency in Car Rental Management

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Remote brings to the forefront a revolutionary software solution for the car rental industry, designed to effectively address and solve the complex challenges faced by companies in this sector.

Our integrated solution represents the culmination of advanced technological expertise and valuable feedback received from some of the largest car rental companies in Romania, including BMW Rent, Auto Revolution, and Meridian Rent.

Launched in 2018, our system was conceived from the start with a dynamic and adaptable vision, ready to efficiently manage a fleet of 1,000 cars allocated across 12 locations. Beyond essential functionalities such as car classes, groups, insurance, and pricing structuring, we designed the system to seamlessly integrate with various points of sale, including car rental brokers, affiliate platforms, our own website, and mobile applications.

Validated by industry leaders, our Remote solution for car rental redefines car rental management, offering a robust, efficient, and adaptable platform that strengthens your business's success.

Our unique combination of ERP, DMS, CRM, CMS, Website, and Mobile App is specially designed to optimize and automate the rental process, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both administrators and customers.

Our main focus is to

Increase profitability

Key Features

Configurable Classes, Groups, and Fleets

Customize your fleet according to business needs, with the ability to organize vehicles into classes, groups, and fleets tailored to demand and market specifications.

Phantom Fleets for Emergency Situations

Ensure that customer demand remains a priority even in cases of vehicle unavailability or overbooking by utilizing our phantom fleet system for replacement cars.

Configurable Locations and Multiple Rental Sources

Expand the accessibility of your services across various locations—physical, airports, through your website, mobile application, brokers, or affiliate programs.

Custom Dynamic Pricing

Establish flexible and competitive rates based on various criteria such as date and time, driver age, occupancy rate, pick-up and drop-off locations, rental sources, insurance types, warranties, optional extras like additional drivers or equipment, and customer loyalty level.

Configurable Insurances, Warranties, and Equipment

Provide your customers with the ability to personalize their rental with various insurance options, warranties, and optional equipment, enhancing their user experience and satisfaction.

Advanced Payment Processors

Simplify financial transactions and online deposit retention using our integrated payment processors, ensuring a fast and secure checkout process.

Documentation Automation

Automatically generate contracts, handover reports, and invoices, saving time and reducing the possibility of manual errors.

Integration with POS/Point of Sale Systems

Ensure efficient payment and cash handling management by directly integrating with POS or point of sale systems.

Planner and Task Manager

Organize and prioritize daily activities with our planner and task manager, ensuring no reservation or important task is overlooked.

What do we offer?

Remote Rent-a-Car

We optimize and automate the rental process, providing a pleasant and efficient experience for both managers and clients.

Remote Rent-a-Car

We optimize and automate the rental process, providing a pleasant and efficient experience for both managers and clients.

Remote Rent-a-Car

We optimize and automate the rental process, providing a pleasant and efficient experience for both managers and clients.

Remote Rent-a-Car

We optimize and automate the rental process, providing a pleasant and efficient experience for both managers and clients.

Remote Rent-a-Car

We optimize and automate the rental process, providing a pleasant and efficient experience for both managers and clients.

Remote Rent-a-Car

We optimize and automate the rental process, providing a pleasant and efficient experience for both managers and clients.

Remote Rent-a-Car

We optimize and automate the rental process, providing a pleasant and efficient experience for both managers and clients.

Remote Rent-a-Car

We optimize and automate the rental process, providing a pleasant and efficient experience for both managers and clients.

Compatibility with various sales channels, including car rental brokers, websites, and mobile applications.

The flexibility to adjust prices based on the sales channel, offering different prices on brokers, websites, and physical locations.

Optimizes vehicle swaps, document renewals, incidents, and overbooking.

Contracts and reports with the option for digital signatures for enhanced efficiency.

Internal billing or with other systems. Provides real-time performance reports for informed decision-making.

Facilitates the import and export of essential information for operational activities.

The RRC system provides real time reports.

Manages over 10,000 automobiles daily, demonstrating the robustness, reliability, and scalability of the solution.

Dynamic System, Tailored to Your Needs

Digital systems represent the engine of every corporation worldwide, integrating all aspects of the business – from finance and accounting to projects, human resources, customer experiences, and supply chains – to provide a comprehensive and accurate vision.

Choosing the right solutions is crucial for any IT strategy, just like selecting the appropriate provider and partner to carry out profitable business.

In the current context, where most solutions such as CRM, ERP, DMS, CMS are rigid and offer little room for adaptation, we have developed the Auto Concierge Solution, a fully configurable ecosystem to meet your needs, including - ERP, CRM, and Marketing, complemented by the human expertise of our team of professionals in Business, Marketing, and Software.

This solution seamlessly connects all critical business processes, allowing for rapid adaptation to current market challenges.

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We intelligently automate important tasks, which consume many resources, such as the sales process, customer relationships, configuration and management of car stocks, personalizing offers in electronic format based on customer preferences. This significantly reduces the time required for data collection, analysis, and validation, giving you the freedom to focus on efficiently managing your business.

With the help of administration panels, whether predefined or customized, you can collect and access data from the online environment and throughout the company, gaining a global perspective on sales and operations in real-time.

We provide the confidence that you will stay up-to-date with innovations and market changes, thanks to continuous updates and personalized support. Departing from the era of endless and difficult-to-manage ERP implementations, we promise a transition to full operability in weeks or months, not years.

Furthermore, our team's expertise provides solutions to complex problems, such as managing brand image, relationships with suppliers, or even with auto manufacturers globally.

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One Stop Shop

Our services designed to grow automotive businesses, directly contributing to market share growth and financial performance, minimizing time spent on operational processes, and maximizing sales volume and inventory turnover speed.

Implementing the software system to carry out marketing actions online and intelligently manage databases.


Creating the marketing ecosystem to meet the objectives.


Strategic development aligned with market psychology.


Efficient transmission of collected information to facilitate the sales team's work and increase the conversion rate.



Dedicated programs to increase customer satisfaction with the aim of generating brand loyalty, recurrence, and subsequent recommendations.



AutoConcierge Marketplace - for certified dealers. Free listing. Commission upon sale completion.


Flexible Solution

Remote Rent-a-Car Solution offers maximum flexibility in purchase options to suit the diverse needs and preferences of our clients. Whether you are looking for a long-term solution or need the flexibility of a monthly subscription, we have the perfect option for your business.

Choose the option that best fits your strategy and budget to propel your car rental business to success.

For organizations that prefer an in-house hosted system and wish to benefit from our Rent-a-Car solution without ongoing concerns, we offer a lifetime license. This option allows unlimited access to use the software at a flat rate, depending on configuration, ensuring you have all the functionalities and updates you need to manage your business efficiently, without additional periodic costs.

For clients who prefer flexibility and the desire to adjust services based on changes in business dynamics, we offer a monthly subscription option. This ensures access to all functionalities of our Rent-a-Car solution, with the ability to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the service at any time, providing you with complete control and financial flexibility.

We acknowledge that every business is unique, with specific needs and challenges. That's why we offer the option to develop a personalized solution tailored to meet the exact specifications of the client's project. Our team of experts, including IT architects, full-stack developers, UI/UX designers, and QA specialists, will work closely with you to create an optimized solution that addresses the unique needs of your business, ensuring that your investment in technology delivers maximum value.

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