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BMW Group Romania
BMW Group Romania

BMW Group Romania

Many years ago, at the age of 22, I was going to make my first pitch without knowing what pitch actually meant. It was similar a job interview, but it was different. I was sure only of the following: I loved cars and motorbikes, I really wanted to work for BMW Group and I knew the philosophy and history of the brand very well. Plus, I had some marketing knowledge (Marketing Faculty and Master in Marketing and Business Communication) and plenty of entrepreneurial experience gained from my mother's travel agency.

Our main focus is to

Increase profitability

From Monday to Sunday, for two years, I have followed this schedule every day, which led to the results shown below.

I have successfully organized many complex driving and cultural events, as Senior Project Manager and Product Specialist, with the help of my colleagues from BMW Group Romania, Raluca Toader and Andra Săbiescu, under the strategic coordination of Nina Brătfălean and Andreea Iurea.

Events are highly important for the brand, and every action and every person has a clear role in the project. This is because the brand's most important customers and potential customers are invited to these events.

Some events involve more than 200 people with different roles in planning, organization and implementation.

Although everyone was well aware of their tasks and I could rely on each and every collaborator, dealer or colleague, unexpected situations occurred every day and I had the ultimate responsibility because as the event had to run seamlessly. The client should not feel the slightest hint of pressure.

These events were complex and last between 3 days and 120 days/year. For example, the xDrive Tour started in January and ended in June, with a short break at Easter, the event taking place in every city where there is a BMW dealership.

In 2016, following some health issues that arose due to over-work (even though I was driven by passion and the desire to do more and more, the body couldn't resist), I made the decision to stop some of the actions described above. But the collaboration has not stopped for good.

This was the point where I felt I could grow the agency around me and help other brands achieve their goals.

I met some really nice, smart and passionate people. I want to thank all my colleagues who have auditioned, inspired, taught and appreciated me.

Although some of my former colleagues are no longer part of the company, I will list them here as a token of appreciation, in the order in which I met them:

Laura Dragomir - CRM Manager - the first person who believed in me, supported me and appreciated my pitch.

Nina Brătfălean - Marketing Manager - had the courage to give me a very high level of responsability, even though I was only 22 years old. She provided me with all the resources when I needed them. She taught me how to think strategically, to understand the principles of a corporation with a clear purpose, she taught me what a team is, she taught me marketing, she taught me to step out of my comfort zone, to pay attention to every detail, not to miss anything and to give my best. She taught me to get the most out of the resources allocated. She has helped me develop in one year as much as I probably could have developed in 10 years. She has helped me choose the people around me.

Raluca Toader - Senior Project Manager - taught me what friendship means, what BMW Group Romania means, what it means to care about colleagues and customers and helped me every day to make near-perfect actions in events.

Andrei Serbulea - Total Branding - He taught me what implementation means, what branding means, what it means to be prepared for any situation and helped me in every event I organized from 2012 to 2020.  

Mihai Basu - Fleet & VIP Shuttle Coordinator - taught me to be good, fair, honest. He taught me to be punctual and respect time.  

Mihai Tanase - Online Manager - taught me marketing online, how to manage tasks and people, taught me how to share, how to evaluate things correctly, he helped me every time I asked for help, stood by me and gave me the best advice. Online Guru. 

Andreea Ciglenean - Product & Price Manager- taught me to be organized, to stick to tasks and schedule, to double check. She taught me not to make mistakes when I have a choice. She taught me to be rational, not to think I have a problem but rather a challenge. She taught me to look at things as I have never looked at them before (in a positive sense, of course).

Andra Săbiescu - Business Development Manager - taught me to be fair, to see things as they are and to pass them on. If I can fix something, I fix it, and if not, I ask for help.

Alexandru Șeremet - PR Manager - He taught me what a prestigious brand means and what a spectacular relationship with the press means.  

Cristian Vlașin - Sales Manager - taught me what diplomacy and strategic thinking means.

Claudiu David - Senior Trainer BMW Driving Experience Gmbh - Taught me to drive like a real pliot drives. He taught me to convey my passion in my speeches and to share the pleasure of driving with everyone around me.

Radu David - Driving Experience Trainer - Helped me to believe even more in myself and the people around me.

Ariciu Radu - Trainer Driving Experience - He helped me to be more relaxed, more cheerful, better, he gave me all the support I needed, even when I didn't ask for his help.

Silviu Toma - Trainer Driving Experience - He motivated me and helped me to improve my speaking skills, to do things better and to be more attentive.

Ionuț Bâtu - Motorrad General Manager - He taught me that even in a corporation you can have fun and let your guard down from time to time. We are humans, not robots. Make life a ride! 

Vlad Sirca - Aftersales Product Trainer - Taught me everything I know today, from a technical point of view about cars and helped me enormously in product trainings.

Alex Bora - Corporate Sales Manager - Taught me how to treat a corporate relationship and how important every customer interacting with us is. He taught me about networking and how I can create relationships and opportunities that will help me through life.

Mădălina Popa - Sales Manager - Taught me that there are opportunities worth taking and opportunities that should be turned down. She trusted me and gave me new chances to prove my capabilities for other brands, even in other industries.

George Petrescu - Sales & Fleet Specialist - He taught me to be calm and to look at the full side of the glass.

Thank you all again.  
Good thoughts,

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