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Good to know before starting a business

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What should we fully understand before starting a business?


Companies are set up by people, for people. If people didn't have any needs and wants, businesses wouldn't exist. However, many companies and entrepreneurs forget that companies are set up to serve people and only think about the figures. I'm not saying that figures aren't important, because they are, but what about the people?

It is clear that before selling something, we have to know whether people need or want what we are selling.

However, there is a paradox: people want the perfect offer.


What does this perfect offer look like?


The perfect offer makes you rich, famous, attractive, happy, for free and effortlessly.

Now that we understand what people want, we know it wouldn't be cost-effective to give them everything they wish for.

Sure, we can promise to deliver, but we won't actually give it to them. But this is a serious form of manipulation increasingly used in marketing, and we totally disagree with it.

The perfect offer can't be profitable for any company that isn't after a hidden agenda - either to sell you something overpriced later and lock you into a contract, or to sell your data further down the line, or to influence or even control your behaviour for later benefits.

As this offer is not really available, except for the scams, people will look for alternatives close to perfection.


9 good to know things about marketing before starting a business


1. Marketing dependends on consumer behaviour, and in order to achieve favourable results, you need to be able to influence a large number of people.

2. There is a major difference between influence and manipulation, although both use a similar pattern. Unlike influence, manipulation presents information taken out of context, false data, exaggerated figures, unlikely scenarios and appealing promises that cannot or will not be kept.

3. The most commonly used methods of influencing consumer behaviour when there is a desire or need to purchase a good are as follows, and often in combination:

  • Economic rewards: freebies, cash, vouchers, discounts, loyalty points
  • Social rewards: VIP card, membership of a circle of interest, goods and services that influence a person's status
  • Moral Rewards: ethics and values (shared values and beliefs that resonate with the audience)
  • Sense of right and wrong: debate, controversy
  • Removing fears from the purchasing process: risk reversal is a common technique (e.g. cash back)
  • Reciprocity: give and you will receive in return
  • Similarity and the ability to be liked by the public
  • Uniqueness: something only you can do
  • Social proof: the opinion of people around the consumer
  • Trustworthy: industry experience, turnover, testimonials
  • Rarity: something that is rare or limited over a period of time
  • Identity and community integration: a combination of factors that help the consumer identify with your brand - "It's just like us" (customers relate to you, your vision and purpose)

4. People never compromise unless forced to make a decision.

5. Our brains use perceptual filtering - we ignore things we don't care about or don't understand. Thus, we reach our first important insight: ee need to resonate with our audience.

6. Marketing is not just about advertising. For us at Remote Marketing, advertising is max. 5% of marketing. Marketing used to be all about ads, but consumer behaviour has changed by 180 degrees.

  • Your customer knows more about you than you know about them, their wants, their needs and the alternatives they have.
  • Today, anyone can find hundreds of better alternatives than you offer with just a few clicks around the internet.
  • We don't listen to ads the way we used to because we have so many options at our fingertips.
  • Instead, we listen to and trust what the people around us are saying.

7. Marketing is the ability to convince someone to buy from you or at least to put you on their shortlist of alternatives to consider. Achieving this requires a series of complex actions, all put together to create a story that your audience can relate to, relate with your brand and, ultimately, buy from you. Of course, you'll need commitment, persistence, patience and money.

8. Marketing is not a cost. Marketing is one of the few investments that if done properly, can generate a huge return (ROI/ROAS), in some cases over 1,000%. It's also the one investment you can't afford to give up. Without marketing, you can't sell.

  • For example, in the automotive industry where the cost of a car is high, with approx. 50,000 euro invested in marketing for one customer over the past year, we generated additional revenue of over 10 million euro and a profit of over 1 million euro. Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot provide more details. 
  • Another recent example - a start-up - with about 20,000 euro we generated revenue of about 120,000 euro over the last 12 months, with an average profit margin of 40%, including marketing budget and implementation costs.
  •  And the most optimistic example, a single campaign for one customer where the acquisition cost per new customer is 4 euro, the average order value is 60 euro, and the profit margin exceeds 80%. These figures can only be achieved when the product/service represents a need, solves a problem efficiently, and the competition is low.

9. Paradox - With good marketing you can sell without a finished product, without employees, without offices, but without marketing you can't sell the best product in the world.

Why? Because marketing means knowing the potential customer, setting the right price, setting the product specifications, communicating the price and the product to the market (the market may even be your friends and family, it's still the market), promoting the product in the market with the aim of attracting potential paying customers. Yes, that's marketing in a nutshell.


Bottom line

Companies' marketing results should be visible, measurable, interpretable and ready for improvement at any time. Good results occur when a clear marketing strategy is applied, and when wasted budget on unprofitable actions is reallocated in a more efficient way.

If you relate to this information, don't forget that we are here for you. If you think you need our services and would like a potential collaboration with the Remote Marketing team, you can contact us, visit us or schedule a meeting online.

We appreciate your interest and we hope you have a wonderful day!

Remote Marketing Team

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