What do we do?

Remote Marketing and Software

București, Sector 1, Aleea Privighetorilor 80, etaj 4

Why us?

We understand you

We understand your business and your needs.

Gain market share

We attract more profitable customers for your business, taking advantage of every opportunity.

Zero complaints

Zero complaints in 9 years of activity. We appreciate our customers and treat them with respect.

Freedom to choice

You can choose from a full range of services with a quality/price ratio of 10.

Complex portfolio

From start-ups to the largest corporations in the world.

+14 years of experience

We have over 14 years of experience in marketing and software.

Proven profitability

We generate profitable transactions and follow the success of your project.

You save money

We are efficient and only implement actions that are profitable for you.


Motivated by success, we are here for you.

Digitization of SMEs
Digitization of SMEs

Digitization of SMEs

Technical implementation

Support and maintenance

Web Development

Software Development

What is the SME digitization program?

Develop your business through digitalization, automate processes that consume time and money and enjoy security and flexibility. Employees can work more efficiently, your products or services will become more accessible on multiple online channels and easier to purchase, and your relationships with customers and partners will improve.

Only 17% of SMEs in Romania are digitized. Let's bring change together for a secure future. Apply for the new program from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and access up to 100,000 euros for the adoption of digital technologies.

The amount of financing

20.000€ - 30.000€

Valid for micro-enterprises with less than 9 employees

20.000€ - 50.000€


Valid for small businesses that have between 10 and 49 employees


20.000€ - 100.000€

Valid for medium-sized businesses that have between 50 - 249 employees

Eligible expenses


ICT hardware purchases


Purchases of automation and robotics equipment for technological flows, integrated with digital solutions.

Software Development

Development and/or adaptation of software applications/licenses, including software automation solutions such as RPA and Robotic Process Automation.


Procurement of blockchain technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Acquisitions of artificial intelligence systems, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality.

Presentation website

Purchase of presentation website.

Cloud services

Procurement of cloud and IoT services.


Training of the staff who will use the ICT equipment.


Advice and analysis to identify the necessary technical solutions.

What do we do for you?


Quick and easy to configure, your website is your business card.


More than just an online shop, this type of website will generate those desired conversions.

Mobile App

Native mobile apps configured according to your needs.

Custom Software

Regardless of the complexity of your project, we guarantee its success.

Custom Software Development

Our main focus is to

Increase profitability

Programming language















Custom solutions
Custom solutions

Custom solutions


Easy to use

Customized designed in order to be used just as you wish.

Brand Identity

All brand elements will be represented according to your requests.


You can generate reports based on the information collected by the CMS/CRM.

Scalable and Flexible

Any idea, software, or app can be implemented into your software, at any time, without any major changes.


You have control. We make sure to leave no vulnerability, so that your data are safe.


Each project is developed especially for you and you will be the holder of all rights of use.

Software solutions for companies

We provide the following software solutions, built with Laravel 8 and Mysql/MariaDB:

Google Ads ClickFraud Software
  • Stripe integration
    • automatic payments
    • subscription configurator
  • Google Ads integration 
  • Automatic blocking of IPs by rules
    • number of clicks
    • number of clicks in a certain period of time
    • manual blocking
    • blocking of IP ranges
  • Selective blocking at campaign level
  • Selective blocking only of IPs that have not converted
  • Subaccounts for customers and employees
  • Multilanguage support
Software Business Management
  • Lead management system
  • Customer management system (CRM) & project workflow
    • Automated contract generation system
    • Service definition system
    • Task generating system
    • Automatic or semi-automatic invoicing
  • Task management system
  • Human resources management system
  • Rights-based document management and organization system
  • Employee/user activity reporting system

*All modules will be customized according to the client's needs.
Optional integrations: Smartbill, FGO, Trade Register (easy completion of company data) and various other integrations.

SEO Software
  • Stripe integration
    • defines automatic payments
    • subscription configurator
  • Google Ads integration (to measure search volume at keyword level)
  • DataForSEO integration (SERPS keyword tracking)
  • Core Web Vitals API integration
  • Optional Search Console integration
  • Possibility to define sub-accounts with access to multiple projects for clients or managers
  • Rank Tracking System (SEO keyword position monitoring)
    • monitoring by language, location (country, city), device
    • possibility to set keyword groups with different localization options
    • possibility to set keyword position check cadence
  • Backlink analysis/tracking system 
    • backlinks existence check
    • PA/DA check (through integration with MOZ)
    • anchor check 
    • possibility to activate alerts
  • SEO Crawling System - possibility to set periodic scans (weekly, monthly)
    • analysis of SEO errors after a complete scan of the project
    • possibility to set periodic scans (weekly, monthly)
Rent-a-car Software (Web & Mobile App)
  • Configurable Classes, Groups and Fleets
  • Ghost fleets - replacement cars depending on car unavailability or overbooking
  • Configurable locations
  • Multiple rental sources
  • Physical location, airport, website, mobile app, brokers, membership
  • Dynamic rates based on date and time, age, occupancy, pick-up and drop-off location, rental source, insurance, warranties, additional driver, optional equipment, loyalty level
  • Types of insurance, guarantees and configurable equipment
  • Payment processors with the possibility to retain the guarantee online
  • Generation of contracts, delivery-receipt reports and automatic invoices
  • POS/cash register integration
  • Planner and task manager
  • Database segmented according to various criteria
  • Database profiling
  • Performance reports against various criteria
  • Damage reports
  • Car history

How much do you pay for your product?

A project usually starts at 1500 euro. For an approximation of your cost based on your needs, please ask for an offer and we will come back at you with an estimated cost.

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